This item was added on Friday, March 5th, 2021

March 2021

As part of our new Yard Management Plan NK Coatings are implementing a Visitor Induction process for all vehicles entering our yard area.

This process is based upon a digital form which is accessed via the link below. The form should be completed by all drivers who are required to enter our yard area to deliver or collect items / goods.

Upon completion of the form the drivers name is automatically stored on an induction register. The driver only needs to complete the form once.

On arrival at our premises a member of our yard team will check on the register to ensure that the driver has completed the induction process before allowing access to the yard.

For drivers who cannot complete the induction process before arriving on site e.g. If using courier drivers, provision will be made on site for those drivers to complete the process before gaining access.

This system will become effective from MONDAY 8th March 2021

This process is a key element in ensuring the health and safety of all our staff and all visitors entering the yard area. We would ask for your cooperation in arranging for the relevant drivers to complete the digital induction form before traveling to our premises.


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