Powder Coating Process

The Powder Coating process we undertake here at NK Coatings…

All items are logged and tracked though our computerized order system.

Our Quality team will check materials for suitability and preparation. All materials for powder coating must be vented correctly. (See data in galvanizing section).

Fabricated sections are jigged and racked for efficiency and ease of handling.

Our commitment to producing a high quality finish is manifect in our rigorous pre-treatment process. This is the single-most important part of the powder coating process and the foundation to the NK guarantees.

All materials are chemically cleaned and de-greased to remove all contaminants from the surfaces to be coated. This ensures maximum adhesion of the paint film and guarantees long term corrosion resistance.

Materials are rinsed to flush out remaining soils and to dilute residual acid clean solution.

Conversion coating
This promotes the bonding of the powder to the metal surface and increases the resistance to under-film corrosion from moisture.

Sealer rinsing
After the conversion coating is applied a chemical rinse is applied which acts as a final passivating treatment – further enhancing the anti-corrosion performance of the system.

Necessary to remove excess moisture and allow maximum powder adhesion.

Powder Application
The powder is applied using electrostatic spray units that offer maximum control over powder thickness and coverage. The airflow in the booth moves the electrically charged powder particles toward the grounded material. The electrostatic charge between the two attracts the powder and adheres it evenly and smoothly on the surface.

The coating material is heated rapidly to a temperature of 200 degrees C and cured for approximately 10 minutes, depending on it properties, inspected and left to cool.

Quality Inspection
Our Quality Control procedures have allowed us to pursue the highest European kitemark in powder coating applications as a qualicoat approved company.

Back by the commitment to quality, we can offer a unique guarantee on matt, satin and gloss powder finishes on galvanized and aluminium products.

Goods are packaged carefully to protect materials during transit.

NK Coatings is the the market-leader in metal finishing services in Ireland, based in Mallusk.