Powder Coating Technical Data

Booth Size         Maximum working envelope
6.3 m long         0.850 wide 2.6 m high

Surface Contamination
Paint, oil and grease have to be removed before the powder coating process to provide a clean surface to ensure a good quality finish.

Every sealed section of a fabricated structure must be vented for reasons of safety and to allow access and drainage of chemicals at the pre-treatment stage. Holes should be as close as possible to the sealed end and on opposite sides of the section. The larger the hole size the better the drainage.

NK Coatings is an approved applicator offering a guarantee to meet the decorative and performance needs of the construction industry for both aluminium and galvanized steel.

NK Coatings offers an extensive colour range of Ral, BS, metallic and speciality finished in gloss, semi-gloss and matt.

Sales can advise how to specify NK Coatings – Approved finish.

NK Coatings is the the market-leader in metal finishing services in Ireland, based in Mallusk.