Thermal Breaking Process

View our process for Thermal Breaking below…

All items are logged into the computer system to allow tracking through the entire process from arrival to delivery.

Quality Control Inspection
Aluminium sections are inspected by the quality control team and checked for suitability and preparation.

The section is loaded into the roller conveyor.

The section travels under the rotary hydraulic mixer where the two components parts of the polyurethane mixture are blended and poured into the thermal barrier channel. Within a matter of seconds this reactive mixture solidifies into an insulating polyurethane barrier.

The metal bridging web is removed from below the resin barrier. The two sections are now separated and held in place by the polymer, which is now an effective thermal barrier.

An aluminium window or door frame that has been made highly energy efficient without compromising its structural integrity.

Goods are packaged carefully to avoid damage while in transit.

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